Brooklyn’s Conservatory of Music

welcomed the beautiful melodies to flow through its doors ten years ago. We began our musical passage with piano lessons. A few years after, we were privileged to introduce violin, cello, and voice lessons. Our insightful instructors aide you to sight read music and how to apply proper techniques. In addition, all students will participate in a Summer and Fall recital.

Our Instructors

 Sarah Rivera

Future Graduate from CSUCI with a B.A. and emphasis in music performance and a minor in psychology. Has heavy classical training and performance repertoire having played in various venues throughout ventura county. In her undergraduate she fell in love with cello performance and has played in string ensembles while at college.
At Brooklyn’s Conservatory of Music I specialize in piano, but welcome students who have interest in learning to play the cello. I incorporate music theory in all of my lessons along with instrumental technique as well as learning how to sight read.
I have 14 years of experience in private lessons with a wide array of students varying in age and learning style. I am also a member of the California Music Teachers Association and can offer my students enrollment in recital competitions and the Certificate of Merit program.

Rebekah Rivera

Rebekah is a well versed Violin instructor. It was through a private instructor that she found her rhythm and passage to her own beat.  She then studied at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster. Rebekah has been playing and performing for more than seventeen years.

Throughout the years, Rebekah has joyously engaged in orchestras, solo and group performances. She has had the privilege to work with students of all ages and walks of life. In fact, Rebekah’s age appropriate teaching methods are key to her students melodic journey.

Miyuki Harley

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music is proud to introduce Miyuki Harley. She is the newest Piano and Vocal teacher added to our Faculty. Her experience and Passion for Music began very early , at the young age 5 and continued into high school where her solid foundation in Classical Music, piano and voice, made her a highly sought after player. Miyuki was known to play the hard stuff, the music of jazz, prog rock and swing. Her talent won her invitations to sit in with popular artists of the day. With her formal education complete she embarked on a journey that would allow her to travel extensively, playing in foreign countries at historical events such as the opening of the Berlin Wall. She has recorded with Kenny Loggins and performed at the highest levels of the Christian Music World. She found time to record , coproduce and write her own collection of original music.
Presently Miyuki is writing songs and creating music for other artists as well as her next CD. The Conservatory looks forward to the students in attendance here ,to be immersed in the passion, the knowledge and commitment this lifelong student of music brings to all of us.

Ken Perry

Ken has been teaching guitar in various settings since 2006 to include Perry Music Studios in Rosamond and at the Palms Shopping Center in Oxnard, and has been playing guitar for 29 years. He is also the music director of his church. He directs the choir, organizes all special music and events, and sings and play guitar. He specializes in singing and playing acoustic guitar at the same time, blues, rock, and worship.

Lessons and Pricing

In each lesson the student is taught sight reading, music theory, proper techniques, performance aspects and an opportunity twice a year to showcase their talents in our recital.

Tuition is due monthly and in advance for the next month on the last paid lesson of each month.

Cancellation policy: 24hrs notice and no more than two cancellations in a 6 month period. Lessons that are cancelled accordingly will be made up or credited to the next months bill.

Our rates are:
Half hour — $35
45 min — $50
60 min — $70

Piano and Cello Lessons

Taught by Sarah.

Call (805)-890-6585 for info and booking.

Violin and Piano Lessons

Taught by Rebekah.

Call (805)754-9962 for info and booking.

Voice and Piano Lessons

Taught by Miyuki.

Call (805)535-3733 for info and booking.

Guitar Lessons

Taught by Ken.

Call (661)-212-2600 for info and booking.

Teachers schedules:

Sarah Rivera teaches piano and cello. She is currently accepting new students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s.

Rebekah Rivera teaches violin and piano. She is currently accepting new students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday’s and Saturday’s.

Miyuki is accepting new students Monday-Friday.

Ken is accepting new students Monday-Thursday.

Community Outreach

Music Therapy….. is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals…. Music therapy also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.  – “American Music Therapy Association”

During her senior year at CSUCI, Sarah Rivera along with her co-partner Caressa Suarez, have teamed up together to bring the joy of music to our elderly community living within AlmaVia of Camarillo.

Both Sarah and Caressa would like to work in the memory care unit and use Sunday school songs as well as nursery rhymes in the hopes that these childhood tunes will help bring comfort to the seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  In the regular facility, we would like to perform songs from the 1930’s and 1940’s, in order to bring back some happy memories that people would have associated with these songs. Caressa and Sarah also plan to apply their musical abilities by performing at AlmaVia, which they hope will help to have a therapeutic impact on the residents.

Sarah will also be providing an opportunity for some of her students to perform for others by giving the gift of music to the community. By doing this she hopes to help her students in igniting their passion for music and music performance.

The preliminary goal or purpose of this project is to assess the effectiveness or power of music therapy on the targeted population. We believe that music therapy is a clinical and evidence-based process that can help facilitate stress relief to treat various mental, emotional, and behavioral health challenges. The senior population is susceptible to mental problems and memory loss. Accordingly, this project can use music therapy to address various physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of the elderly within AlmaVia. We hope to create a unique environment that can facilitate positive and cohesive interaction and help build relationships between the residents of Alma Via.

Get in Touch

Located at: 220 west 7th St Oxnard, CA 93030

Sarah Rivera (Piano and cello) (805)-890-6585
Rebekah Rivera (Violin and Piano) (805) 754-9962
Miyuki Harley (Voice and Piano) (805) 535-3733
Ken Perry (Guitar) (661)-212-2600